Application: Super-T (International)

This application is for people applying from outside the U.S. If you are applying from within the U.S., click here for the U.S Application.

Thank you for applying to the Super-T. This program offers you an opportunity to learn the skills of facilitation and training in great depth. You will practice experiential education and increase self-awareness.

We’re committed to accepting a diverse group for each training and to support folks with less access to resources. People of color, working-class folks, those from the Global South or folks from less-resourced organizations are encouraged to apply. We also aim to accept people who are already working with a group, project, or organization where they can apply what they learn back home. If you’d prefer to apply by phone instead of online, please call +1 267-289-2288.

The series of training starts May 29th and ends June 16th, 2019. You must attend the entire program. May 29th and May 30th are international orientation and they are mandatory.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 1, 2019. Applications can't be saved in the middle; they must be completed in one sitting. Submitting well before the deadline is always a great idea in case of technical difficulties. We also recommend writing short answer responses outside this form where you can save your work, then pasting them in when you are ready to submit.If you have a question please email

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