Bequest Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in adding Training for Change to your will, also known as bequest giving. In recent years, bequest gifts have allowed us to incubate and pilot new programs, grow our staff, and increase accessibility for all of our workshops. Bequests can ensure not only that we are able to continue offering our trainings into the future, but can provide the seed funding to expand our reach and deepen our impact.

Fill out the form below to say more about your interest. This form is not a commitment to include TFC in your will. We will follow up to set up an informational call where you can share questions, curiosities, or concerns; we will share more about how we have used bequest gifts in the past, and do our best to address both your programmatic and logistical questions.

We understand that the decision to set up a bequest is a deeply personal one with numerous considerations. We’re grateful for your interest, and we’re committed to supporting you in making a decision that feels good to you, regardless of whether you ultimately decide to include TFC in your will.