White People Confronting Racism - November 4-6, 2022

This event has only 17 space(s) left. If you continue and register more than 17 people (including yourself ), the whole group will be wait listed. Or, you can reduce the number of people you are registering to 17 to avoid being put on the waiting list.

This workshop is for white people who want to challenge the racism around them — and in their own heads and hearts — and who are searching for a way to strengthen their work for racial justice. It’s for white folks who already do anti-racism work but want to develop their skills and deepen their approach. And it’s for white folks who want a better understanding of how white privilege and racism operate in society and inside of them.

Training for Change hosts this workshop, which is owned and led by Whites Confronting Racism.

Learn more about this workshop at: whitesconfrontingracism.org. Contact whitesconfrontingracism@gmail.com with questions about this registration form.


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Covid Protocol

We're taking covid precautions at this event for everyone's safety. Please indicate any needs related to covid precautions, and read our full COVID protocol below.

Participant masks will be required for this event. Participants can choose to unmask when outside, or when eating or speaking to the group. Do you commit to wear a mask during the workshop sessions?
Vaccination: For everyone’s safety, COVID-19 vaccination prior to the workshop is required, to be eligible to attend.

Masks: For everyone’s safety, mask-wearing is required during the workshop, except when outside, eating or speaking. Trainers will wear masks when not actively facilitating, and will unmask when speaking to the full group. We ask that participants travel to the workshop masked to limit exposure. Microphones for amplification may be offered, based on availability at the venue.

Testing: All participants will need to take a PCR test within 3 days of this workshop, and share negative results with the trainers before joining the group. Everyone will take a rapid-COVID test upon arriving at the workshop venue each day. We will provide the 3 daily rapid tests for each participant.

Meals: We will plan to eat meals outside. If we are unable to eat outside due to the weather, participants will have the option to eat socially distanced in our meeting room space. We will do our best to open doors and use fans to create more air circulation when possible.

Positive & Exposure Protocol: If during the workshop a participant tests positive, experiences symptoms, and/or learns they’ve had exposure (i.e. family member or housemate back home tests positive), they will not be permitted back into the workshop. We will disclose to the group, give them a credit to transfer their registration to a future WPCR workshop (online or in-person), and offer reasonable support around travel back home or quarantine. If someone has a known Covid exposure in the week leading up to the workshop, they will only be permitted to attend the workshop if they have completed the CDC’s recommended quarantine period (isolated for 5 days after exposure) and continued to test negative. If someone tests positive for Covid or experiences symptoms within 14 days after the workshop, we will share this information with all participants so they can determine if they need to get tested or take other measures.

Moving the workshop online: If the COVID-19 exposure or risk becomes too high to hold this workshop in-person, we will switch the workshop to be held online. The hours will remain the same, except that the first day will run from 5:30 - 9pm if held online (instead of 5pm-9:30pm). Trainers will aim to make the final decision about whether it is necessary to switch the workshop online 30 days in advance, and will notify all participants. Our intention is to go ahead with holding the workshop in-person if the level of Covid risk in Philadelphia remains similar to or lower than current levels.

If any of this protocol changes, we will let you know as soon as possible.