Application: Super-T (United States)

This application is for applicants who live in the United States. If you are applying from outside the U.S., click here for the international application.

The APPLICATION DEADLINE is March 1, 2019. We aim to confirm participants at least two weeks after this deadline. You will be notified whether you are accepted, put on the waitlist or denied. We're mindful that folks need time to book travel, and we'll follow up about the acceptance process as we are able. Please don't book travel or accommodations until we confirm registration.

We’re committed to accepting a diverse group for each training and to support folks with less access to resources. People of color, working-class folks, and folks from less-resourced organizations are encouraged to apply. We also aim to accept people who are already working with a group, project, or organization where they can apply what they learn back home. If you’d prefer to apply by phone instead of online, please call +1 267-289-2288.

The whole series of training starts May 31st and ends June 16th, 2019. You can attend the trainings on their own or as a whole package.

Applications can't be saved in the middle; they must be completed in one sitting. Submitting well before the deadline is always a great idea in case of technical difficulties. We also recommend writing short answer responses outside this form where you can save your work, then pasting them in when you are ready to submit. If you have a question please email


Contact Information
Background Information
Organization/Group Information
Application Questions
Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Our goal is to get to know you better. We're looking to hear about the work you're involved in and how an intense training of trainers would strengthen that work. We want to know what you hope to gain personally and politically. Please do not include your resume or feel the need to list off everything you've done.
Fee Pledge
Super-T fees are sliding scale; scholarships are available. Choose the fee level that you're able to pay toward workshop registration. We're unable to pay for travel costs. We fundraise for the Super-T to offer rates lower than the actual cost of operation. We ask you to be as generous as you can in deciding your fee pledge. And we also encourage everyone to apply, regardless of ability to pay! We aim to offer robust scholarships to meet a range of financial needs. If you'd like to request a scholarship toward your fee, there is a opportunity below. Please be in touch with any questions about fees and scholarships at or the phone number above.
Scholarship Request

We ask scholarship recipients to pay a minimum deposit to cover food and logistics. That amount depends on which workshops you are applying for and will be determined if you are accepted. If contributing a minimum deposit is not possible, we can work together to find an amount that works for you. Please answer the following questions as part of your scholarship application. Answers do not need to be long; 2-5 sentences is great.